Practicing standing on the bus? Spearfishing? Asking the warden for clemency? Rope climbing? The possibilities are endless.

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#guroChris with some fine mechanics instruction during #espadaydaga. Espada y daga ("sword and dagger", where the sword is usually a #baston in training, i.e. a stick) is a study of contrasts: long and short weapons, with your short weapon being the dangerous one. The long weapon is held in the front hand, the short in the other, so how do you get the knife out to do offensive work?

What guro Chris is showing is the rotation around your spine to drive your shoulders forward that will help get your knife in play at long range. With the knife side shoulder forward like that you can easily gain another foot (30cm) of reach.

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When training empty hand in the #filipinoMartialArts -- whether it's #panantukan or #sikaran -- the shoulder is a good target for drilling: if you can tap someone on the shoulder, you can hit them in the head. The danger is that you won't remember later that you're supposed to be aiming for the head, not the shoulder. That's why putting gloves on and actually doing some light sparring is also a good idea from time to time: remind yourself of the ground truth of what you're doing, but train safely in the interim.

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One of the biggest challenges of long weapons in the #warriorarts is one of mobility: how do you maneuver such a weapon around both yourself and your opponent? It's no use having a weapon that gives you such a reach advantage if you can't move it well enough to continually use that advantage.

The #plong (staff) is one of the traditional weapons in the Thai #martialart of #krabikrabong. Spending some time familiarizing yourself with how a weapon feels (and moves) just on your own, without focusing on specific strikes can help you learn how to drive it.

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The #kerambit (or #karambit) is a common knife shame of the Southeast Asian archipelagos. It is an extremely maneuverable blade, given its size and profile. Many empty-hand techniques -- such as the #pencaksilat shown here -- are usable almost unmodified while holding a kerambit.

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One of the general rules of movement in #pekititirsiakali is: when going left, lead with your left foot; when going right, lead with your right foot. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, but they are just that: exceptions. The "lead with the same side foot" rule is a good habit to be in, from which you can learn to deviate.

For example: in this picture, #gurostas is avoiding a stick swing by simultaneously dodging it and stepping forward and off the line. If he had gone to his left with his right foot, what would happen? First, he would be "giving his back" to his opponent, which is a weak position to be avoided. Secondly, if he wanted to turn and attack his opponent but his right leg was forward, how could he do it? "Not smoothly" is the answer.

Good footwork habits will serve you well in every aspect of the #warriorarts.

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One of the biggest dangers of training any of the #warriorarts where weapons play a role is doing it badly. It is really easy to fall into the trap of training in lock step with a partner, and thinking this is the end of the path of skill building. It is also common to see defensive techniques for confrontations with a weapon where the techniques are based on the fact (implicitly or explicitly) that you are faster than your opponent.

This is a recipe for disaster: terrible habit formation in the best case scenario, or a funeral in the worse case.

Training weapon defense with a dynamically resisting opponent -- an opponent who actually wants to make contact -- is a way to counteract some of these dangers. But how do you do it safely? There's something to be said for a length of sanded (and maybe duct taped!) doweling. It's sturdy enough to take a bit of force, rigid, and very, very blunt. That means it acts more like metal than a rubber trainer, and stabs or slashes with it are merely annoying and slightly painful instead of injurious.

Always look out for your training partners, and always try to do them good.

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The #warriorarts are fractal: the amount of detail available is not dependent on scale. In other words, the closer you get, the more you see.

For instance, grip on a gi lapel: thumb in or out? Twisted or straight? Same side or cross side? Circumstances dictate optimal choices, but there are always exceptions. The difference between a skilled technician and an artist is the understanding of these exceptions.

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Being outside your opponent -- so all of your tools are pointed at them, and none of theirs are pointed at you -- is a highly desirable position. There are as many ways to get there in the #warriorarts as there are warrior arts. In the Southeast Asian warrior arts, such as the #pencaksilat taught by #guruannie, the parry-and-salute combination of a straight punch is a good way to keep yourself protected while stepping in.

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#ancientfiremartialarts is back with another #weeklyWorkout!

It's another #EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout. Roughly the same structure as the last time, but now your "active recovery period" works the lower body.

So, once a minute, on the minute, for ten minutes: ten pushups (good form!); then until your next minute, do reverse lunges (one side per minute, or switching legs; your choice, but switch quickly!). Your score is your last "good" pushup before your form degrades, you need to take a break, or you have to make it easier to keep going (e.g. by dropping to your knees). Have at it, and keep working out!

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A #sundayfunday from a few weeks back: #fightlab in the park!

The #ancientfiredojo space excels for the #warriorarts aficionados: ready training implements, a sound system, and the sprung floor for takedowns. But sometimes a change in venue is important, because you can get too used to an environment, and therefore stop thinking about the one you're actually in.

Fighting on a hard, uneven surface presents different challenges than an even, soft floor with give. Even something as simple as a different level of friction between your shoes on a mat and shoes on concrete bears consideration.

The motivation is the same, though: getting hit hurts, so try to avoid that.

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@3x_world_champion #krumehdi working some elbow drills at a #muayboran class at #ancientfiredojo.

The range between fist striking distance and grappling/trapping distance is very tricky, mostly because of the short range limb strikes of knees and elbows. Muay Boran excels at this distance, both offensively and defensively.

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In times of challenge it can be hard to stay motivated to reach your goals. This is normal; struggle is a part of life. If what you are doing is hard, but you know you can do it, do it. The difficulty is knowing (and admitting) when you are wrong.

Do not be discouraged when you are struggling with a goal, because to struggle is to continue working towards a goal. To say "it is important that I do this alone" or "I must do this without help" is to say "my goals are less important than my understanding of what success looks like." Perhaps you are struggling because you are missing information, or are too close to a problem to see it. Perhaps the problem is the goal itself, or your understanding of what "success" actually is. Another set of eyes can help you with all of these.

Changing tactics in the face of strong resistance is not weakness, it is a core tenet of the #warriorarts; it is wisdom.

We are #onetribe, so reach out when you need to.

#casualFriday: a hoodie and a couple of swords. If it was formal, #kruloki would be wearing a top hat.

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Much has been written about the differences between straight and curved blades. Why were curved blades more common in Asia than Europe? Do they wield the same? Is one easier to make than the other? Are there advantages to one vs the other against armoured or unarmoured opponents? What about cavalry?

One thing that is clear: a curved blade of the same overall length as a straight blade is easier to unsheathe due to the arc naturally described by the articulation of the human arm. Your hand will describe a curve when swinging, which implies that a curved blade will travel out of a sheath or scabbard more smoothly than a straight blade. Those precious few hundredths of a second can make a big difference in survivability during an ambush, when a centimeter can spell the difference between life and death.

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Short range kicking, especially in the presence of a bladed weapon, often necessitates an upright upper body posture. This limits the targets to the abdomen and below; luckily there are a log of great targets there.

For example, a reliable way to move someone away from you is to press on their hip fold, as is being done here. Shifting the target down to the thigh is a good target for striking with the heel, or even further still to the shin or top of the foot.

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This is a fairly common reaction elicited by #gurochris, and a good illustration of redirection. #pekititirsiakali has some interesting material on using the force of an opponent's strike to redirect your own stick from defense to offense very rapidly. It is, as you can see, quite surprising.

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"Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world." - Archimedes

Even a small lever can do a big job, but where's the fun in that? Use a really big lever!

#pencaksilat #gadjahputih at #ancientfiredojo

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#khruloki practicing some of the #rammuay (ritual dance, moving salute) for single #daab or #krabi (sword) in #krabikrabong.

Class time is always put aside to teach this important cultural aspect of #buddhaisawan Krabi Krabong; honouring our teachers, and the material, helps one focus on not just what is taught, but why.

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#sikaran kicking drills in #pekititirsiakali class

Sikaran is another #filipinoMartialArt that has a lot of kicking techniques, although with the defensive footwork included, it may be better to say "a lot of leg techniques". There are both evasive and offensive practices that keep in mind that your opponent may also have a stick or a blade (or both!). #fma #onetribe #dojolife #vancouverbc #kali #ptk

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