Martial Arts Schedule & Pricing

With every monthly pass, selections can be made from any of the regular martial arts classes. You can stay with a specific discipline or mix & match as you go. The only limitation is the number of classes per week. Any of the monthly passes can be supplemented with additional drop in bookings if desired.

There is no long-term contract. Anyone can change pass options from month-to-month anytime (Ex: from "1 class per week" in one month, to "Unlimited" or any other option the next month and back to "1 class per week" the following month). No requirements, no restrictions.


(Please note: There are currently no promotional free classes or trial periods at this time)

Classes per Week Price per Month (excluding tax)
1 Class $99
2 Classes $149
3 Classes $175
Unlimited Classes
Drop-in: $25

Note: Current class exclusions from Monthly Membership Programs

Special events and seminars priced separately

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