The Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute of Seattle

The Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute of Seattle
Sunday: November 13, 2016    12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

“One More Time!”

The Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute of Seattle will be returning to Vancouver BC to conduct an encore seminar for all attendees of our previous August seminar, plus any other martial artists who wish to attend!

The JFGFI Seminar Team of Sifu Andy Kimura, Sifu Abe Santos, Assistant Instructor Kevin Carmell, and Demo Team Lead Leong Lim will be instructing at this return event, under the watchful eye of Sigung Taky Kimura who will also be in attendance.

Taky Kimura was Bruce Lee’s best friend as well as his highest-ranking student and is considered the most senior student in Jeet Kune Do. Don’t miss this opportunity to train with Sigung Taky and the current generation of instructors and students from Bruce Lee’s original Seattle school! Attendees should wear comfortable training clothes and may wear clean, indoor non-marking training shoes in the front training hall of Ancient Fire, however the main instruction will occur in the rear main training room and shoes need to be removed in that area. No other equipment is required.

August seminar attendees: please respond to this event to indicate if you will be attending, so we can plan accordingly.

All others: if you did not attend our August seminar, please sign-up now at the pre-registration special price of CAD $60 (to be charged as equivalent USD $45), otherwise signups will be CAD $75 cash at the door on the day of the event.

There will also be the opportunity to receive personalized instruction from Andy Kimura and Kevin Carmell on the Saturday immediately after the event, and on Sun 13 Nov from 12noon.