Intuitive Movement for Women: dance meditation

Intuitive Movement for Women: dance meditation
Friday: December 4, 2020    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Awakening women!

We are gathering in ceremony to dance like we don’t give AF.

Actually, the elements of life dance us, so we simply receive, and enjoy the ride.

This is a body-positive safe space to explore our primal power, heart magic, and feminine sensuality.

No experience required, and seasoned dancers welcome.

With shared intention, compassion, and sisterhood.

Without being watched.

We get to be radically honest and discover what moves us; it's bigger than our small stories and springs from Source.

It’s an instinctual impulse:

We root to rise.

We contract to open.

We let go to take in.

We accept to move on.

We face the dark to shine our radiance.

We follow the map of natural elements:

Earth 🌍 ... Fire 🔥... Water 💧... Air 💨 ... & Vibration 🎵

We let body intelligence lead the way, allowing mind to observe, heart to open, and soul to play...

A journey on the dance floor, a guided moving meditation, that becomes the medicine we’ve been yearning for.

Music will span a spectrum from West Coast Bass, to Hip-Hop/Rap, to Conscious Dancehall, to DubWise, to Contemporary African, to Neo-Soul, to Reggae, to World flavours & more...

...and! you don't have to even like the music to get full benefits from this practice: the movement practice is a metaphor for life: how can we move with full inner self love, even when outer circumstances are not what we'd choose?

Enter into a gorgeous sacred space to be absolutely accepted, respected & loved up by your soul sisters.

This practice is held on the traditional, unceded, occupied territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tseil-Watuth Peoples.

Our temple space:

Sprung floor with gym mats!

Big surround sound!!

Soak up the love.

Light up your life!


$35 - primary rate

$40 and up
your ticket plus contribution towards sponsorship in support of those who otherwise could not join: thank you for your activism in this kind way!

Please inquire directly about a partially or fully sponsored position.

Text/call Vee (Eau-Vive) at 778-233-5228, or DM with any questions.


Please reserve your spot in advance by sending your registration via etransfer to This method of payment eliminates extra fees on your end and on ours.


Our private local FB group Intuitive Movement for Women, is where bright sisters of feminine power, on a path of embodiment, who believe in lifting each other up, can share support. Join here:

Your facilitator for this evening

Eau-Vive (“Mama V” or Vee) has been immersed in holistic health her entire life. She continues to study, and enjoy the results of many effective practices.

With a background in massage, healing arts, yoga, dance, ritual dance theatre, and other movement methods, Mama V guides movement meditations for women, rooted largely from her long term study of The 5Rhythms ecstatic dance practice innovated by Gabrielle Roth.

Vee is an advocate for the rights and freedoms of all Earthlings, and has been active in women's empowerment work for over 20 years.

She is also the founder of Bowspring Movement in Vancouver BC, providing primal movement medicine for anyone with a body. Bowspring benefits include: moving out of pain and into pleasure, melting away stress, building beautiful muscle in all the right places, improved breathing, boosted health, increased strength and mobility, and elevated emotional wellness. The core principles of The Bowspring are mindfulness, compassion, and accountability.


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