Free Tai Chi and Meditation with Master Tek

Free Tai Chi and Meditation with Master Tek
Saturday: June 13, 2020    11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Clarifying the Myths

Tai Chi & Qigong

There are a lot of ambiguities, misunderstanding and misinterpretations in teaching and learning tai chi and qigong. Master Tek, with his over 50-year experience in martial arts, tai chi, qigong and the relative philosophies, will explain and clarify those terms and terminologies in layman’s language.

Master Tek was born in Shanghai, China in 1946. At age 13, Tek learned Tai Chi Chuan from Brother Lawrence Tung, a principle disciple of Grand Master Wu Tu Nan in the 1930s’ in Beijing.

Tek also learned 8 Brocade Qigong from Mr. Cheng, Tan Tui from Master Yip, and Pheonix’s Eye Fists from Sifu Soo.

Tek migrated to Canada in 1972. At age 33, Tek gave up all the physical fighting aspects of martial arts, and has since emphasized on the skills of mental and spiritual fighting in day to day life. In 1991 to 1992, Tek was the President of the Canadian Taijiquan Federation in Toronto. In 1995, Tek founded the Hsin-I Tai Chi Institute in Victoria, BC. In 2001, Tek went to Singapore to teach Tai Chi, Qigong, Liu He Ba Fa and the related philosophies. Tek splitted his teaching time between the two places. In 2016, Tek moved to Vancouver from Victoria and decided to devote his teaching exclusively for the benefits of the local communities.

Over the last 30 years, 80% of Tek’s students who have been suffering from whiplash, sport and car accident injuries, spinal problems, muscle failure, palpitation, depression, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, Parkinson dementia, and those who are recovering from stroke, chemo and radioactive treatments have all enjoyed significant improvements and benefits from Master Tek’s lessons.

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