A Right of Passage Men’s Breathwork and Death

A Right of Passage Men’s Breathwork and Death
Saturday: October 26, 2019    6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Join Reverend Stephen Garrett and the Ancient Fire breath work team for an exclusive men’s evening designed to empower men to live their lives with even more passion and
a clearer purpose.

The exercises you will go through are designed to support each man in stepping through the doorway into his personal, authentic, adult power. Each man will die as the boy he once held himself as by releasing old beliefs and habits that have held him small. The exercises and ceremony will signify an actual ‘rite of passage’ enabling each participant to fully embrace his own personal passion and purpose.

Come and claim your manhood. Set yourself free to be the authentic, powerful man you have until now kept hidden.

Attendance is limited to 18 men so get your ticket to this unique and powerful ceremony today.

Please Dress warm and in comfortable layers.

Bring a Yoga Mat, Blanket and Pillow.

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