Sacred Mantras and Movement


Sacred Mantras & Movement

On this blessed evening we will lead you through sacred ceremony and celebration, invoking spirit through the singing of mantras and dancing in unison.

*This event is open to all levels of dancers and singers*

As we speak and sing the Sanskrit words of the mantras, we unlock their ancient wisdom in the cells of our bodies. We can begin to feel the infinite energy of life bursting inside of us, calling us to move and dance in celebration. We will teach two mantras and accompanying simple, repeated movements to you in a sacred space, invoked with loving intention. Dancing and singing in unison, we invite you all to celebrate your beautiful being with us!

We will explore the teachings of two Mantras:

The Gayatri Mantra – wisdom of oneness

The Pavamana Mantra – deliverance from illusion into immortality

** The event will run for 3 hours with a short break between the Mantras. We will provide lemon water fruit for the group. We invite you to wear comfortable clothes and eat a light meal before joining us **

We look forward to celebrating with you!

Kylen Sabey & Trisha Rampersad


About the facilitators

Kylen Sabey has been practising energy healing since the age of 12 when she first discovered Donna Eden’s work. She left her hometown to study Bio-Energy Healing in Vancouver with Michael D’Alton and became a certified practitioner in February of 2013, and a Lv. 1 Teacher later that year. Since that time, she has explored her healing abilities through the energy and vibration of song in small groups, inspired to create healing experiences for people who are drawn to the world of energy healing and spiritual consciousness. She provides one-on-one Bio-Energy Healing treatments in Vancouver, BC – please see her website for more information.

Trisha Rampersad is a dancer, meditator, and energy worker. Dancing since the age of four, she has been trained by the present day Great Gurus in the realm of Kathak. She believes that deep and profound healing can occur at the climax when movement, meditation, and divine energetic flow merge. Understanding that there is truth within art Trisha says, “Dance, this spiritual movement, transcends all boundaries we mere humans have inflicted upon ourselves and this Earth. It frees the heart; aligns the body, mind and spirit; and fuels the spiritual journey.”