Dying to Live

Dying to Live Seminar with Stephen Garrett



"Socrates attributed our fear of death to selfishness."

"The Buddha thought clinging to life is as dangerous as any other form of ignorance—to cling is to slowly and ungracefully die."

This seven-hour workshop will support participants to embrace their death thus empowering them to live their lives with even more passion, vitality and a deeper sense of gratitude. You will likely feel oddly refreshed, and will have a new and more grounded perspective on the things that matter most in life.

You will;

- Have an opportunity to review your life as you have lived so far

- Write a good-bye letter to your loved ones

- Spend time in a coffin as if you were dead

- Gain insights and information regarding end of life preparation

- Look at how you could make changes in your life so you can die regret free.

- Receive a copy of When Death Speaks and an All Ready to Go Kit .

- With Stephen Garrett, Amber Host and the Ancient Fire crew

Maximum 16 participants..

Here's what people had to say about the last event:

“Thank you for pushing me not just to embrace my mortality but to open up and also to move towards my destiny in helping others in more ways than I currently am. The event worked for me even better than I anticipated. I needed to be moved like that, and I felt safe enough to do so. I was also “dying” to meet more young like-minded individuals and was so happy to make some new friends there.” Amanda

“Thanks for the wonderful evening!! SO MANY WONDERFUL PEOPLE! And it was just what I needed. Having a living-death was a rich sensory experience.” Roquela

“How would I sum up my experience? This is a quote I love and I think is says it all.

I love because I have been hurt,

I laugh because I have cried,

I rise because I have fallen,

I live because I have faced my death.” Wendy