Cacao Ceremony/ Kundalini Dance


Cacao is a sacred plant medicine that is celebrated as the food of the gods and has been used in Shamanic ceremonies by the natives of Central and South America for thousands of years. Raw cacao is considered a superfood and is the highest source of magnesium on the planet.

Cacao has the ability to increase your connection to your heart.  It contains Anandamide, otherwise known as the “bliss molecule,” aptly named after Ananda, the Sanskrit word for “joy, bliss, or happiness.” Anandamide works with our heart's ability to expand, supports emotional clearing, and deepens our connection with self and with life.

Kundalini Dance™ is an ecstatic embodiment practice that rejuvenates the body, clears old stagnant emotional energy, brings insight and clarity into limiting beliefs and supports the awakening and integration of higher consciousness. Using Movement, Sound, Breath, Energy work and the Chakra system as our guide and access point to gain insight and awareness, we move through blockages and allow our true essence to shine. Working with the deep primal force of the Earth and divine light of Source, we invite these energies to meet and connect in sacred union in our hearts and opening ourselves up to more bliss, love, freedom and joy!


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